Wednesday, 12 February 2020


   The rapidly spreading virus, the Novel Coronavirus, has infected more than 42, 600 people and killed at least 1,016 people in mainland China. The fast spread of this virus has prompted global alarm as well.

      As the virus is an entirely new strain, and it’s spreading quickly, Calit ES teachers, together with our principal, Mr. Cristito C. Aquino, educated our pupils with the facts, symptoms, risks, and preventive measures of the 2019-nCOV. We also kept them abreast of the latest issues about the coronavirus. 

As with other infectious diseases, we had taught them some simple steps to help prevent 2019-nCOV from spreading. These include good personal hygiene practices like frequent handwashing, avoid touching the eyes, mouth, and nose with unclean hands, covering the mouth, and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, and encouraging others to do the same. We likewise taught them lessons to keep their immune systems healthy because, until now, there is currently no vaccine against n-COV. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2020









Calit ES Administers the Phil-IRI Post Test in English and Filipino

         We can say that reading is one of the very important elements of education. Understanding what we are reading is key and is certainly the main point of teaching reading in class.

          Last January 23, 2020, the school administered the Phil-IRI Post Test from grades 4-6 ( English) and grades 3-6 ( Filipino)who scored 0-13 in the Group screening Test ( GST). Class advisers from grades 3-6 helped in the administration of the Phil-IRI Post Test.

           The Phil-IRI used as a classroom-based assessment tool aims to measure and describe the learners’ reading performance in both English and Filipino languages in oral reading, silent reading, and listening comprehension.


        Mr. Cristito C. Aquino, the Principal, peeped in every classroom to ensure the smooth flow of the administering of the Third Periodical Exams last January 9 and 10, 2020. He reminded all the examinees as well to manifest honesty in everything they do, especially in taking exams. Moreover, he shared this verse in the Bible for them to ponder upon. "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much."-Luke 16:10

Monday, 3 February 2020


Mrs. Domantay Educates Calit ES Pupils the Facts, Benefits of Vitamin A

         Vitamin A deficiency causes blindness, impaired immune function, poor iron metabolism, and acute respiratory infections in children.

             In support of the National Vitamin A Supplementation Program, Mrs. Josephine N. Domantay, the hardworking SDO1 Medical Representative, shared her knowledge about what is Vitamin A deficiency and Vitamin A facts and benefits before the learners take the oral capsule on January 13, 2020. 

            Vitamin A supplementation is indeed important to alleviate Vitamin A deficiency. Likewise, a combination of food fortification, promotion of locally available and culturally acceptable Vitamin A--rich foods and other public health measures will also bolster a sustained eradication of Vitamin A deficiency as a public health problem.


Sunday, 2 February 2020


        Quality Management System processes start with the initial management planning stages of a school. These include managing resources like stakeholders and clienteles, procedures to control documents and records and to monitor the processes of the system and lead to improvement.

       The District Sub-Office Binmaley II organized a 6-day District Training on System Management with Stakeholders through the initiative of Mr. Felix G. Raymundo, the Public Schools District Supervisor together with the school administrators both in elementary and secondary on January 25 to February 1, 2020, at Camaley Central School, Binmaley, Pangasinan.

            The selected teachers of Calit Elementary School together with their School Principal, Mr. Cristito C. Aquino, attended, and participated in the said event. On the first day of their training, they were able to learn and acquired knowledge on the Quality Procedures to be undertaken on their ISO accreditation pursuits. They also had their workshop on the succeeding days regarding the filling out of the Quality Forms.  With this great learning, the Calit Elementary School is now equipped and ready to embrace meaningful change.  

BATCH 2019

MALE                                                                  FEMALE
1. Jomel S. Amo                                                   1. Alexandra Nicole R. Agustin
2. Ar-jan B. Bautista                                             2. Roanne Kate R. Baniqued
3. Dancel L. Caranto                                            3. Irish Mir S. Centino
4. Justine C. De Guzman                                      4. Kimberly D. Dalioan
5. Christian S. Dela Cruz                                      5. Khyza D. Dela Cruz
6. John Reyben F. Dela Cruz                                6. Carmela Novi S. Ferrer
7. Jansen B. Delos Santos                                     7. Angela H. Fruelda
8. Prince Adrian D. Hermoso                                8. Sherwaine M. Lomibao
9. Rafael John B. Reyes                                        9. Kim Chelze B. Marra
10. Cedrick Jeo R. Rumbaua                                10. Marry Ann A. Nicolas
11. Mark Anthony C. Sarmiento                           11. Mary Anne A. Obar
12. Limmuel R. Tominez                                      12. Chrizel I. Permolan
13.Tristan D. Tumanan                                         13. Rochelle O. Ramoran
14. Jan Melvin V. Tungpalan                                14. Jee Anne M. Rosario
15. Jasper A. Vallo                                                15. Carylle Joy R. Sanchez
16. Charles Luis H. Velasco                                  16. Gabrela S. Saraos
17. Christian Jay G. Velasco                                 17. Jasmin Joy L. Soriano
18. John Christopher  C. Velasco                          18. Kheit Q. Terbio
19. Gian T. Avila                                                   19. Maureen C. Velasco
20. John Carlo C. Balubal                                     20. Mikaella F. Venterez
21. Jeremie D. Barlaan                                          21. Sheila May T. Caridad
22. John Paul B. Barredo                                      22. Janna R. Carrera
23. Mark John Loyd C. Conte                              23. April Mae V. Castro
24. Marvin S. Dalioan                                          24. Ashley Nicole R. Cuaresma
25. John Rey F. De Guzman                                 25. Merry Jean D. Daliaoan
26. Marvin D. De Guzman                                   26. Kristine M. De Leon
27. Deiter D. Dela Cruz                                        27. Mary Valerie F. Macaraeg
28. Einstein M. Dela Cruz                                    28. Karen R. Ramirez
29. Mark O. Delos Santos                                    29. Ella Mae M. Rosario
30. Jamaica T. Demetrio                                      30. Mary Grace A. Salango
31. Jeremie D. Diaz                                              31. Janell G. Sarmiento
32. Alexis L. Manaois                                         32. Danica O. Valerio
33. Dondon G. Manaois                                      33. Jessa R. Ymana
34. Marbert A. Manaois
35. Mike Fernan John L. Manaois
36. John Rey P. Ramirez
37. Ronald D. Sarmiento
38. Kenneth R. Velasco

Saturday, 1 February 2020


          CALIT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is one of the fifteen schools in the District Sub-Office Binmaley II. It is about three and a half kilometers (3.5 km.) away from the District Office.
         The school started in the year 1945 as a complete elementary school with the Gabaldon Building composed of five classrooms, one library, and one principal's office. As time passed by another building was built, the two-story Home Economics Building with two classrooms to address the increase in enrolment. 
        Enrolment remarkably increased each year and so constructions of different buildings were made. In 1960, four additional classrooms of the Army-Duque Type Building were constructed in the western part of the school. Then, six more classrooms of the Marcos Type Building on the same area in the year 1969 that served as classrooms for Grades III and IV pupils. On the eastern part, the three classrooms of Bagong Lipunan were built in 1974 followed by the construction of the PTA Building in 1989 with three classrooms which are now occupied by the Grade Two Classes.
          In 1991, an earthquake badly hit the two-story Home Economics Building. As a replacement for the said collapsed building, Industrial Arts and Multi-Purpose Building were constructed.
        In 2008, the oldest building (Gabaldon Building) was devastated by the Typhoon Cosme, so DepEd Building was built. It has seven classrooms. Two of the classrooms are used as the Administrative Office and Mathematics Learning Resource Center. The makeshift building was built as classroom for Kindergarten. The Barangay Day Care Building, Barangay Hall and Barangay Health Unit were also situated on the school campus.
           At present, there are eight (8) instructional buildings with 21 classrooms and all classrooms are installed with electricity. The water supply is also installed using the local water pipe. Likewise, the school is enclosed with a newly painted high rise fence to protect the facilities as well as the properties from outsiders. It is accentuated with front and back landscape walling and garden.
          The school facade is composed of two, big markers and Grotto was built on the right side of the back fence walling of the school.
       There is one school canteen that caters clean and nutritious but affordable snacks for pupils. Mathematics and Science Park were also constructed. The Calit Elementary School quadrangle is covered with a wide and tall covered court.
       The school is headed by a Principal I. It has 18 nationally funded teachers, 1 male, and 17 females. Of this, Teacher III is 15, Teacher II is 1 and Teacher I is 2.