Saturday, 1 February 2020


          CALIT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is one of the fifteen schools in the District Sub-Office Binmaley II. It is about three and a half kilometers (3.5 km.) away from the District Office.
         The school started in the year 1945 as a complete elementary school with the Gabaldon Building composed of five classrooms, one library, and one principal's office. As time passed by another building was built, the two-story Home Economics Building with two classrooms to address the increase in enrolment. 
        Enrolment remarkably increased each year and so constructions of different buildings were made. In 1960, four additional classrooms of the Army-Duque Type Building were constructed in the western part of the school. Then, six more classrooms of the Marcos Type Building on the same area in the year 1969 that served as classrooms for Grades III and IV pupils. On the eastern part, the three classrooms of Bagong Lipunan were built in 1974 followed by the construction of the PTA Building in 1989 with three classrooms which are now occupied by the Grade Two Classes.
          In 1991, an earthquake badly hit the two-story Home Economics Building. As a replacement for the said collapsed building, Industrial Arts and Multi-Purpose Building were constructed.
        In 2008, the oldest building (Gabaldon Building) was devastated by the Typhoon Cosme, so DepEd Building was built. It has seven classrooms. Two of the classrooms are used as the Administrative Office and Mathematics Learning Resource Center. The makeshift building was built as classroom for Kindergarten. The Barangay Day Care Building, Barangay Hall and Barangay Health Unit were also situated on the school campus.
           At present, there are eight (8) instructional buildings with 21 classrooms and all classrooms are installed with electricity. The water supply is also installed using the local water pipe. Likewise, the school is enclosed with a newly painted high rise fence to protect the facilities as well as the properties from outsiders. It is accentuated with front and back landscape walling and garden.
          The school facade is composed of two, big markers and Grotto was built on the right side of the back fence walling of the school.
       There is one school canteen that caters clean and nutritious but affordable snacks for pupils. Mathematics and Science Park were also constructed. The Calit Elementary School quadrangle is covered with a wide and tall covered court.
       The school is headed by a Principal I. It has 18 nationally funded teachers, 1 male, and 17 females. Of this, Teacher III is 15, Teacher II is 1 and Teacher I is 2.

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