Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Calit ES Meetings Arrange Via Video Teleconferencing

    To keep educators connected with work-related activities, and the Department of Education urged to continue the work-from-home scheme, teleconferencing technology is being used in our Education System today.

      Just this morning, Calit Elementary School, headed by its School Head, Mr. Geneshar C. Castro, invited the teachers to a short conference via Facebook Messenger Room to a "Kumustahan" virtual activity likewise to discuss matters regarding their preparations for the forthcoming formal opening of classes. 

       Moreover, while the teachers were not able to report physically in the school at this time, they had agreed to rely on video conferencing to hold meetings, share ideas, and check in with each other. 

     Furthermore, Calit ES educators are beginning to take advantage of this technology to engage stakeholders and pupils in the teaching and learning process on the new normal in education.

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